Microsoft is a global technological corporation that was founded in 1979

To: Whomever This May Concern


Date: 12/21/2018


Background and History:

Microsoft is a global technological corporation that was founded in 1979. Its focus is manufacturing and innovating technology specifically computing.

Future Business Perspectives:
            Microsoft wants to improve the services to their customers for a better experience. To start with, it wants to move beyond the present windows on desktops to provide another platform for the use of windows in other devices such as a headset, handset, etc. The corporation wants to involve as many people as possible to their software for inclusivity. It is evident that other than windows on desktops, the corporation has provided a platform for window operated phones in the market to widen its market structure and attract as many people as possible. Based on this, the corporation wants to provide a downloading platform on the windows store. Presently, most people download from their publishers and third-party stores which is challenging to window customers.

The corporation wants to put its eggs in different baskets. This is a marketing strategy that is commonly used by people leading in the market in regards to customer value for their products. Among its current products are, window, VR, Al, AR, high-end personal computers, X box, etc. In regards to this, the corporation wants a more significant role in the digital life of its customers. It wants to improve the state or functionality of the current windows to serve people better and also to diversify its usability to other platforms for a better digital life. The reason is to make people desire to use Microsoft services and Apps globally.

Moreover, Microsoft plans to upgrade its X-cloud beta for its game streaming services. The notion behind this strategy is for flexibility purposes. The corporation wants its users especially for the project x-cloud to play any video game at any place of their comfort. It is essential for Microsoft customers since their providers are always on the move to make them happy while using the products and services.

Concluding Remarks and Recommendations: