Write a formal survival guide that documents advice on how to survive a zombie apocalypse

Write a formal survival guide that documents advice on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. In order for the text to be convincing, the recommendations must be supported with details evidencing the writer’s rationale and expertise on zombie habits and tendencies. Consider using the course resources and discussions, along with conducting a Google search on “zombies,” “how to survive a zombie apocalypse,” and “zombie survival guide” as means to better familiarize yourself with the topic.

Characteristics of Your Zombie Your zombie is undead: a reanimated human corpse. Your zombie is relentlessly aggressive, driven to eat human flesh. Your zombie is biologically infected and infectious: only a zombie bite will transfer the infection. Your zombie lacks human intelligence and reasoning, acting purely on its basic instinct to eat human flesh. Your zombie reacts to sensory details: sights and sounds. Your zombie is most vulnerable in the head: damaging or destroying the brain kills the zombie. Your zombie can engage in a full on sprint.

Writing Requirements

Audience: Your reader is a 55-year old tenured professor who expects writing to follow strict mechanics, basic structure, and a scientific, formal tone with all language choices. Pet peeves: hates first person pronouns (I, my, we, our), second person pronouns (you, your, and the implied you), and contractions (can’t, won’t, it’s).

The text must follow APA Formatting Guidelines, including a title page, abstract, subheaders, and reference page (if outside sources are used). The text must reach 1600 word count minimum (not including the References page), both in its final draft, and as a peer review rough draft. Your final word count must be included on the title page.

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