Modern Slavery and Supply Chain Transparency

Literature review.
Please read the following instructions carefully:
* Write a 800 words Literature review on the topic Modern Slavery and Supply Chain Transparency.
* Essays MUST be typed with 12pt Arial or Times New Roman font, double spaced
* A minimum of 15 academic sources is expected in the reference list for the literature review
Essays MUST be written in an appropriate academic format. The following structure is suggested:
What are some of the common themes in the existing research in this area?
• What kinds of issues are people already researching in relation to your chosen topic?
• Are there things lots of authors agree on?
• Are there issues where there’s lots of disagreement?
• Are there issues lots of people have already explored?
• Are there important issues where not much research has been published yet?
What research has already been published on each of the themes you’ve identified?
For each piece of literature, you discuss briefly summarise its main finding, the central argument it uses to support that finding, and how it investigated its question / its methodology. Then you should try to draw connections between the different pieces of research by exploring questions like:
• What theories do the authors use?
• What issues do authors agree on?
• What issues do they disagree on?
• Which viewpoints are strongest / most convincing, and why?
• Which viewpoints are weakest / least convincing, and why?
Research gaps
What “gaps” are there in the research that you’ve been discussing?
• Are there important issues that haven’t been researched much / at all yet?
• Are there major disagreements between different authors that could be investigated further to decide who is right?
• Is there a viewpoint that is particularly questionable that could be investigated further?
• Is there an issue that has been explored well in one relevant context but not in another? (E.g. in one industry or country, but not another.)
• Is there a potential connection between one viewpoint or set of findings and another that could be investigated?
• Are there important differences between two or more theories, viewpoints, or sets of findings that could be explored further?
• Is there any existing research with potentially interesting implications or consequences that could be explored further?
• Is there a viewpoint or set of findings that doesn’t yet have much research to support it where more research might help to find additional evidence for it?
How does your particular research question(s) relate to the “gaps” in the research that you’ve been discussing?
• Which “gap” or “gaps” does it help to “fill”?
• How does your research build on the research that has already been done?
• In what way might your findings add to what we already know about the topic?

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