Evaluate the proposal that this country should implement a tax designed to ensure that the country’s commercial airline industry takes account of the social, rather than just the private, costs of commercial aviation.

Your answer should include
(i) an explanation of how your proposed tax would operate (40%) (ii) an evaluation of the proposed tax (60%)
The fact that you are explaining the tax in (i) does not mean you have to give a positive evaluation in (ii).
In (i) you are explaining how one could do what the government is asking (i.e. implement a tax).
In (ii) you are giving your assessment of such a tax
Please use Harvard Referencing Style.
Formatting: Font = Ariel 12 pt, double line spaced, 2.5 cm margins on right and left.
No minimum world length, but no more than 1200 words excluding references.
The topic mean any country, preferably use UK. Please write something related to externalities.

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