Personality Assessment

Overview: For this paper, you will look at how different personality theories apply to something you are familiar with—your personality. Conclude your analysis
with a discussion on the importance of using multiple theoretical approaches in personality psychology. As you encounter different theories in personality
psychology, it is always important to think about their real-world applications. This assignment will provide the opportunity to apply different theoretical
approaches to address personality. The skill of applying different theoretical approaches to contemporary personality issues is important for a personality
psychologist. You will conclude this assignment by describing the importance of using multiple theoretical approaches to understand personality.
Prompt: For this assignment, you will apply three different theoretical approaches to the assessment of your personality.
 Choose a Freudian or neo-Freudian theory from Modules Two or Three, and write about how the theoretical approach and key concepts of the theory
apply to your personality.
 Choose one theory from the humanistic or positive theories discussed in Module Four and describe how the theoretical approach and key concepts of
the theory help explain your personality.
 Use the Big Five trait theory from Module Five and write about how well the trait theory’s theoretical approach and key concepts describe your
personality. You should have already taken the Big Five personality test in Module Five. If not, access the Big Five Project Personality Test now to take it.
 Conclude the paper by discussing the importance of using multiple theoretical approaches to understand personality.
Here are some possible ways you could apply the various theories:
 Discuss Freud’s psychosexual stages of development and describe any fixations that you may have.
 Describe which of Erikson’s stages of development you are currently in and how you are currently managing the conflict.
 Apply Kelly’s idea of personal constructs to your personality.
 Describe how well you are currently meeting the fundamental needs outlined in self-determination theory and how these needs influence your
Big Five
 Describe your standing on the Big Five and how well the theory helps explain your personality.
Note: The above examples are just ideas to help get you started. You may choose other neo-Freudian or humanistic/positive theories, and you can use any
concepts from the theories. It is important that you focus on the key concepts of the theories and how they apply to your personality. Use specific terms and
concepts from the theories, and use specific examples of your personality. Be sure to focus primarily on the theoretical approaches that you write about; this
should not simply be an account of your personality.

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