Strategic Analysis of an organization (Heineken)

This task is about demonstrating your understanding of applying models in Units 1-6. Hence, you are now in a
position to start this assignment but will not be able to complete it until you have completed the whole module.
You are asked to conduct a strategic analysis of your own organisation, or one you are familiar with, using
relevant models and concepts covered in the main course material. You are expected to develop some strategic
options and make final recommendations. In your answer, ensure you have considered the strategic importance
of innovation in relation to your recommendations.
In terms of marking, the breakdown will be along the following lines:
(1) Strategic analysis and evaluation (50%)
(2) Development of strategic options and recommendations (20%)
(3) Consideration of innovation in relation to your strategic recommendations (20%)
(4) Consideration of any implementation issues including the implementation timeline
The word limit is 2,500 words, and any word count more than 10% above this will result in lower marks. Please
note that applied diagrams, tables and references do not count towards your word limit.
This is a piece of individual work, but you can work with your syndicate to gain information about concepts in
general. Where it becomes totally your own is when you think about how these play out for your business
You can seek formative feedback from your module tutor for this, though you may not seek an assurance about
its potential grading prior to submission, nor submit a draft for feedback.
Company in question can be Heineken

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