Organisation and methodology

Individual Report
Organisation and methodology
Word Length of Written Paper: min 5 – max 8 pages (character font: 11, spacing: 1.5)
Individual Written Paper format:
The student work will cover the following steps:
● Business model hypotheses
● Customer discovery progress (using the Business Model Canvas and Value
Proposition Design)
● The customer conversations and interviews (enabling to measure their progress)
● Build the website, create demand and have customers using the product if building a
web product
● “Lessons learned” presentations from each team; they consist of a 2-minute video
plus a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation.
This online version is a controlled document. Any printed versions are considered uncontrolled versions of the document.
GLION reserves the right to amend this document at any time.
From the 1st session there will be a record of contribution (pertinent questions, discussions,
participation, additional information shared, etc) and attendance – 10% weight of final grade.
Moreover, you will have to conduct the business model search outside of the building with
“real world” people and present the results of your findings – 70% weight of final grade.
Your report will have to cover at minimum the following chapters:
1. Description of your initial business idea
2. A representation of the above using the business model canvas
3. The methodology used to test your initial assumptions
4. A prototype of your product (sketch or a picture of a physical prototype or
5. The result of your customer validation process including a completed Value
Proposition Design and updated versions (one or more as discoveries
emerged) of the Business Model Canvas
6. The composition of your startup team and the way you plan to conduct structural
change as soon as your company gains traction – ie the functions of the future team.
7. Findings and further research
8. Conclusion
9. References

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