Legal Responses and Challenges to Personal Data Protection in the digital age: Striking the right balance between the employee’s right to the protection of personal data/privacy and cyber-monitoring in workplaces

The proposed topic can be classified in the scope of “employment law”, “civil liberties” and “Personal data
protection” and this proposal is related to both employment law and data protection law and human rights law
(civil liberties). You should examine both local laws (Ireland law and UK law) and GDPR and assess the issue
with employment law and human rights perspective in the light of European Human Rights Convention. The
link between new technology and respect for privacy at the workplace should be assessed. The GDPR’s Impact
on cybermonitoring (cctv) should be assessed. You should also examine if it is legal to monitor d social media
activities of employees. In the conclusion you should recommend methods for Managing Conflicts on this
matter. In the conclusion you should submit new and unique recommendations for balancing Workers’ Rights
and Dignity with Legitimate Management Interests. A brief attention should be given to the enforcement of the
GDPR in institutions/companies within the European Union.
Your research proposal (or abstract) should be about 3 to 4 pages long and set out the proposed research
question, methodology (how you propose to answer the question), approach, contribution to the field, and an
indicative bibliography.
The focus will be on national laws (uk law, irish law, Irish Data Protection Act 2018, Employment Practices
Data Protection Code (EPDPC) 2011, the Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) (Interception of
Communications) Regulations 200) , the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPAand EU Laws
(gdpr, European Convention on Human Rights (Human Rights Act 1998) and european conventions).
Methodology must be clear, the research will be qualitative doctrinal comparative law research.
In the proposal please do explain how employers can overcome the particular challenges regarding
cybermonitoring and cybersecurity.
A research proposal which includes:
A statement of the research question the candidate proposes to examine;
An outline of the proposed methodology (in other words, an outline of how the applicant proposes to go about
their research); and
A brief literature review. (The idea of this is to place the research within the current state of knowledge in the
field in question. It should include a short, indicative, bibliography of works in the field). There is no maximum
length for a research proposal. Normally, it would be at least three or four pages long.

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