The Australian Labor Party (ALP) arose as the political arm of the labour movement. Is the ALP still a ‘workers’ party?

Before diving in head first, it’s a good idea to do as much thinking and planning around your essay as you can.
This essay plan will form the foundation for Assignment 3B: Research essay. Your essay plan will help you
develop a sense of the shape your essay will take. It also means you can be more strategic in the research you
Feedback on your essay plan will be provided by your eLA in Week 10 and should be incorporated into your
final essay.
Step 1: Choose your essay question
Choose one essay question from the Assignment 3 essay question list.
It may help to select a question that interests you and to choose something you have some prior
knowledge of.
Step 2: Do your research and create an annotated bibliography
Research several articles on your topic and create an annotated bibliography. Here is an example
annotated bibliography entry for you to see how this is done.
It may also help to watch this short video on how to do this:
Annotated bibliography (2016) <>
Step 3: Familiarise yourself with the requirements
An essay plan should:
provide a clear outline of the arguments you intend to make in your final essay
detail how you will structure your essay
identify key findings from the articles you have read for your annotated bibliography
provide a brief outline of some of the key articles you will draw on in completing the essay.
Your article selection will be assessed on reliability and relevance to the essay question.
Take a look at the Assignment criteria for more detail on how your essay plan will be assessed. Keep it
handy as you build your plan.
Step 4: Build your essay plan
When preparing to answer an essay question, it is important that you understand it well. Underline key
words and identify their function.
Your essay plan should be divided into sections and provide a brief outline of what will be included in each
section, by using dot points or normal prose. Structurally you should include:
an introduction
three to five main points
a conclusion.
Don’t worry if you’ve never put together an essay plan before. Use this Sample essay plan as a guide.
Step 5: Submit your plan
Read the instructions in the Submission details overview to submit your essay plan.
Supporting resources
The following resources will assist you with completing this assignment:
Study resources ( for general information to
help you prepare your assignments.
Swinburne Harvard referencing guide ( will help you with referencing.
Review the ‘Referencing’ and ‘Plagiarism areas of Academic Practice
( to assist you in understanding why appropriate
referencing is important.
Review the ‘Assignment support’ area of Academic Practice
( to assist you with each stage of the
assignment process including submission.
Research ( guides will help you to find
academic resources.

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