Seminar Paper – ethical basis on human control

A Seminar Paper on Autonomous Weapon
For your third essay, you will write a Seminar Paper on a case study of autonomous weapon by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
This document is entitled “Ethics and Autonomous Weapon Systems: An Ethical Basis of Human Control” published April 3, 2018.
It is included in the book Cyber Ethics pp. 323-365. You can also download it at the Red Cross website
-This document made reference to Martens clause. Simply put, it states that even in the absence of pertinent law or treaty, every human being “remains under the protection of the principles of humanity and the dictates of the public conscience.” This statement, however is subject to different interpretations. ICRC also discusses the distinction between anti-personnel weapon system and anti-materiel (NOT material) system.
You can google these terms if you are not quite familiar with them.
A Seminar Paper is not a research paper.
In your seminar paper, present an introduction by writing a very brief background about the document.
(Set up using a few paragraphs and make it easy to read. )
Summarize the main points in the documents and the supporting arguments (both pros and cons).
–Analyze the arguments presented in the text – which are utilitarian and which are deontological or Kantian?
Which do you think is the strongest argument? The weakest?
Explain why. Based on the analysis of ICRC is the use of autonomous weapon ever justified?
Why? Do you agree?
Explain. (Make sure you set up each paragraph and support what you want to say pretending we are totally new to the topic. Use simple and easy to read English words. )
From me: If you have questions, need to know a question please message me. I can help you look up things of give advise. If you start and are stuck just let me know….I can help…I really want the flow of the writing to be simpiqule and easy to read.

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