New Nurse: Strategies for Transition into Practice

The transition from student nurse to Registered nurse can be fraught with many emotions…
Not only happiness and excitement, but also fear, anxiety and uncertainty.
It can be a time when new graduates are questioning everything from their ability, to whether they made the
right career choice, and whether they will ever be like the nurses they are now working with on their new ward.
This transition period is often described by people as a complete reality shock, and let’s face it, apart from
nursing not many other occupations come with the added chance that you can severely hurt or kill another
human being.
But fear not! Every nurse, at one point or another, has experienced these feelings.
It is common for new nurses to feel insecure and unsure about their ability to be a registered nurse, and there is a
multitude of issues that may arise, which only serve to add to these feelings of insecurity.
Draw on the literature and critically analyse what has occurred in the case study provided in relation to:
3 applicable Nursing and Midwifery Board AHPRA (NMBA) nursing practice standards,
2 principles of the NMBA Code of Conduct
2 elements of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) code of ethics
And 2 ethical principles
Discuss and apply 2 National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards relevant to the case that
now seek to protect the public from similar events
Draw on the literature and discuss 3 challenges faced whilst transitioning from student nurse to registered nurse
and with reference to the literature identify 3 strategies to over come such challenges.
Define resilience and its application to the Nursing profession. Identify 2 strategies one can employ to foster
resilience in the Nursing profession.

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