Health considerations / health promotion strategies

Students will write a scholarly paper discussing health considerations and health promotion strategies that a nurse could implement for the Clarence and Jenny exemplar found on myClass. The student will choose 2 concepts found on the concept list and will apply each to the Clarence and Jenny exemplar found on myClass.
A. Writing Process:
a. Students will identify two concepts from the concept list below they wish to apply to the Clarence and Jenny exemplar.
b. Using peer reviewed articles students will write a four-page paper discussing health considerations / health promotion strategies related to older adults in relation to each of the two chosen concepts. The paper will include how the nurse could promote health for Clarence and Jenny in relation to the two chosen concepts. The title page and reference page are not included in the page limit. Peer reviewed articles should be within the last five years.
Choose Two concept from the list below
1) Professional Identity (Nursing Theories and Nursing Process)
2) Health and Health Promotion (Groups & Harm Reduction)
3) Caregiving
4) Healthcare Delivery
5) Development
6) Family Dynamics
7) Clinical Judgment
8) Patient Education
9) Health Care Economics
10) Functional Ability
11) Sexuality
12) Leadership
B. Writing requirements:
• APA 7th edition throughout the document
• Title Page: As per APA 7th edition guidelines.
• Abstract and Author’s note: None required for this assignment
• Introduction
o Background related to the topic to provide a context for the reader
o Statement of aim/purpose of paper and how paper will unfold
o Thesis statement
• Body of Paper
o The main body of your paper should include discussion related to the concepts you have chosen. General statements are supported with specific details from scholarly sources that further your point. Paragraphs are crafted to support and extend your own ideas.
o Use professional literature to explore and support your ideas.
• Conclusion
o Bring together what you have discussed as it relates to your thesis statement.
o Summarize key points and provide a concluding statement
• References
o Peer reviewed articles should be within the last five years.
o References should not be more than 7
o Complete list of references for each source cited in your paper in APA style.

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