Early ChildHood Education

Course Description
Assessment is an important and ongoing responsibility of professionals who serve young children and their families. This course fosters an in-depth study of authentic assessment practices for children ages birth to five including identification of children with special needs. Use of data for curriculum planning and measurement of quality in early childhood programs is included. Students need access to one child, who is not their own, between the ages of 3 and 5 years to observe. Students must receive a C (not a C-) or better in every ECE course in order to graduate.
ECE 2000: Introductory Child Development
In this course, you may be required to use the following technology and/or skills:
● Ability to send and receive email and attachments
● Browse your hard drive for documents
● Work in a web environment (i.e., open links, use browser buttons, etc.)
● Open, modify, save, and print files
● Create and Submit files using Microsoft Word
● Post in Discussion Boards
● Develop a PowerPoint Presentation
● Record a lesson and upload the video using the Kaltura software located in your course site
● Conduct internet searches to find information on specific topics
● Use High speed internet for viewing videos
● Download software plug-ins
Required Texts
Wortham, S. C. (2016). Assessment in early childhood education (7th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. ISBN # 9780133802917
You will also need to order one of the following (see description of Environmental Rating Scale Assignment on Canvas)
Harms, T., Cryer, D. & Clifford, R.M. (2006). Infant toddler environment rating scale-revised. United States: Teacher’s College Press. ISBN: 9780807746400 OR
Harms, T., Cryer, D. & Clifford, R.M. (2005). Early childhood environmental rating scale revised. United States: Teacher’s College Press. ISBN: 9780807745496 OR
Harms, T., Cryer, D. & Clifford, R.M. (2007). Family child care environment rating scale. United States: Teacher’s College Press. ISBN: 9780807747254

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