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Assignment Goal: Acknowledge/appreciate/apply helpful strategies related to speech anxiety.
Discussion Prompt: Think of a time when you felt anxiety about making a presentation. Identify specific elements of the situation that caused your anxiety. What symptoms did you experience? If you could deliver the same presentation again, how could you reduce your anxiety? To what degree do you anticipate being anxious about presentations in this course? What techniques will you try discussed in your text to try to reduce that anxiety?
Assignment specifics
As you construct your post, refer directly to several passages in our text using the suggested method for citing sources (see below). Note the word “several”, meaning more than one!
When you cite a source in a presentation, it’s important to
State your point
Next, identify the source the source
Then give the information from the source.
Refer to each source at the time you are using the source rather than waiting to the end and saying all of the sources you used
Include at least two identifying pieces of information as you cite your source, i.e. author’s name, page number, title of text, year published. Some identifying pieces of information are more important or more relevant than others, depending upon the time and reasons for the use of the source. For instance, since in this exercise we are interested in directing others to specific places in our text, page numbers seem relevant. In another situation, where the credibility of the author as an expert is important, you might give more information about the author rather than using a page number.
You actually say the word “quote” when you are quoting.
This is one of the few written posts.. I don’t want to cause anxiety by requesting that you make a recording about how much anxiety you feel while recording!
A comment, including all of the necessary information, should be several paragraphs.
No poiniquts are earned for general answers.

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