Culture in international marketing

Module Essay Question:
To complete the assignment, you should answer the following essay question;
It is clear that international culture influences international marketing activities, but can international marketing activities also influence cultures?
To answer this question you should,
• Evaluate how global brands adapt and change to be relevant to and mindful of local cultures in the countries where they expand. Use examples from Nestle’s KitKat in the case study provided as well as other real-world examples to support your point.
• Analyse if/how global brands influence local cultures, you can again draw on the KitKat case as an example.
• Evaluate the ethical dilemmas of such influence.
• Consider if brands have an ethical and social responsibility when it comes to how they impact local culture
You could may also want to think about:
• Do global brands consider culture when using segmentation, targeting and positioning or the marketing mix?
• How has the emergence of new technology influenced international marketing practice and global cultural patterns?
– I have included 8 sources (including the case study on KitKat) that I would like you to read and use, but feel free to find and use other ones if you feel it is necessary – but please try to use all the ones I have provided for you first.
– You must look at the case study of KitKat in Japan that has been provided – this is talked about in more detail further down
Module Essay Guidelines:
1. Your answer should use relevant international marketing concepts and theory to discuss your points.
2. You should use the KitKat in Japan Case to provide examples of the influence of culture in marketing
3. You can also use examples of other real-world brands to highlight how theory is related to practice.
Case Study:
To help you answer this question, I’ve provided a Case Study from Harvard Business review called ‘Kitkat in Japan(A): Sparking a Cultural Revolution’
You should read through this case and consider how KitKat adapted its product line to suit the Japanese market and how different tastes and cultures made an impact on the products that were created and sold. This case also demonstrates the impact that KitKat has had on Japanese culture as the brand has become synonymous with certain holidays and events in the Japanese calendar. You can use this case, along with other examples in your research to inform your essay and as an example to support the points that you make.
Additional Websites for your Assignment
Your primary resources should always be academic journal and text books, these can be found on VITAL in the weekly folders and in your handbook, but it is very important that you engage in additional reading and research around the subject and to support the points that you make.
If you need additional resources to find examples or to support your work, the websites below will be helpful for providing good quality information.
BBC News
General Information, web links
Competitive Country Profiles
Country Competitive Rankings & Business Competitive Rankings

Competitiveness Rankings

Freedom in the World (political freedom) & Freedom of the Press
International Monetary Fund Home Page
Country Information
World Economic Outlook Database
Pexels is an open source for pictures- type in your theme/search criteria at the top and it will generate a number of images which you can use in your essay
Euromonitor (just use the free resources)
Mintel Market Intelligence Agency (just use the free resources)

Welcome to Mintel

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