Montage analysis comparison

Written Essay (3000 words)
Choose two montage works for comparison one of which needs to be a film (one of the works can be from your
previous essay and the only requirement is that the two works are not listed under the same week). (You are also
free to choose works which are not on any of these lists so long as they can be discussed in terms of montage
and one of them is a film.) For collage and photomontage discuss the whole work. For film, cultural, and literary
pieces choose a part of it (couple of minutes/pages long). Compare the works according to their montage
aspects: 1) types of elements used in montage (ready-made or not, type of ready-made, etc.), 2) the relationship
between montage elements (spatial, temporal, graphic, diegetic, perceptual, etc.), and 3) the function of the
juxtaposition of montage elements (what is the aesthetic, political, etc. goal of combining these elements). For
the film work identify and discuss at least two contemporary sources (within 3 years of premiere in that country)
which we have not discussed in class in relation to montage (if sources do not mention montage write what they
do focus on). Use existing readings and external sources as evidence in your discussion and argument.
40% Evidence of research into chosen works and its coherent formulation in an essay form
40% Evidence of comparing the content, form, and function of the work’s montage aspects.
20% Evidence of research and discussion of contemporary sources.
I will link below some readings and an analysis of the Odessa steps montage sequence from Battleship
Potemkin. It is 989 words which must included in the essay as this will be the film in which you compare to the
literary montage in Berlin Alexanderplatz (chapters 7 & 9 in particular). It may also be helpful to watch the film
which i will link below (available on Youtube with english subtitles). I have purchased a PDF version of Berlin
Alexanderplatz for you to view which may require the installation of Adobe Digital Editions. find this here: (Inna Drach reading on cinematic montage
(Battleship Potemkin) and literary montage (Berlin Alexanderplatz)
This is a comparison essay so do make sure to make accurate conclusions. DONT FORGET 989 words (in the
battleship essay document) has been provided already, just make sure to adjust the introduction/conclusion and
bibliography for this essay (it should be 3,000 words in total)

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