Consumer Protection Law

Directions: For this project, you will choose one type of law that we have discussed over the last five weeks (EX: cyber law, contract law, international law, intellectual property, sale law, employment law, discrimination law). You will create a slide presentation on one of these types of law to present to the employees of a company of your choice. The presentation must contain a minimum of eight slides. The company can be one that you currently work for, one you have previously worked for, or a company you would be interested in working for in the future. You will create this presentation from the point-of-view of an HR professional or an employee trainer who is teaching the employees about the laws in their business.
Make sure you cover the follow:
Define law.
Choose a type of law and create a lesson to focus on for employees.
Share what you want employees to focus on.
Have at LEAST 8 slides – including a title page.
Include supporting photos and/or graphs.
Properly cite sources (review the Purdue OWL for information about citations).
Describe how your choice of law affects your company and give specific examples.
Review the list of terms below. You must use a minimum of 10 terms in your presentation.

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