Imagine you attend a conference for marketing professionals. The conference keynote speaker is the Chief Marketing Officer for a famous technology company. She boldly states, “Modern marketing simply means creating value for a customer.”
• Would you agree or disagree with that speaker’s statement based on what you have learned this week?
• Explain why you would agree or disagree with the statement “Modern marketing simply means creating value for a customer.”
• Discuss your own understanding of the definition of marketing and how it might differ from the speaker.

TOPIC 4: SWOT – Personal Application
Here’s an opportunity to apply the SWOT concepts to your personal or professional situation. This is called a personal SWOT analysis. Read How to Do a Personal SWOT Analysis (Martin, 2019) for in-depth instructions.
Complete this matrix
Martin, M. (2019, October 10). How to do a personal SWOT analysis.

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