Read through chapters 11 and 12. Discuss the benefits of an online product catalog.

benefits of an online product catalog

Several of these communication options were discussed earlier in the course. They are included here to provide a more complete, combined look at the services currently

Computer telephony (VoIP)
Computer telephony, commonly known as VoIP, enables you to make telephone calls
through your Internet connection. The service provided is not significantly different from
that of traditional telephone systems, but the costs can sometimes be substantially less,
depending on your specific requirements.

Vendors providing computer telephony solutions include the following:
 Mitel (
 Vonage (
 Tata Communications (
Most of these vendors provide additional solutions, such as call center management,
teleconferencing and videoconferencing.
Scheduling software allows you to track and manage individual and group schedules.
Some of the common features of scheduling software include postings for meetings and
available conference room times, office hours, vacation, sick time and travel locations.
Scheduling software typically integrates with e-mail clients to provide automated
scheduling and responses. In the case of Microsoft Outlook, your e-mail client is your
scheduling application. Scheduling software vendors include the following:
 Microsoft (
 TimeTrade Systems Inc. (
 Meeting Maker Inc. (

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