In this assignment, you will reflect on how you developed your Business Plan

You are required to produce Reflective Journal.

Assignment Purpose: You will be required to produce Reflective Journal. In this assignment, you will reflect on how you developed your Business Plan.

Assignment Rationale: You are expected to demonstrate your own creativity and critical thinking and analysis based on strong argumentation that blends theory and practice. This is an academic piece of work. Therefore, every claim you make needs to be justified and supported by academic and professional references: you should use minimum 30 academic and professional sources (books, articles, websites, blogs, etc.) from the last three years.

Assignment Structure: Your Reflective Journal is a 4.800 words assignment in report format and should be structured as follows (use the template you have been provided with):

  1. Title Page.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Introduction (400 words): Introduce the business you elected to plan for in the business plan and this Reflective Report briefly giving the structure of your report.
  • Business Plan and Reflective Journal Development (1.000 words): Include how you went about the Business Plan:
  1. Methods used for gathering data.
  • How did you monitor its progress.
  • How you decided what to include in the plan and what you decided to include in the report.
  • Research Process and Choices (500 words): Include:
  1. What theories did you use from MBA and why.
  • What did you leave out and why.
  • How were you able to apply the theories – or not.
  • Theoretical Links to Whole of MBA (500 words): Include:
  1. On reflection, how relevant did you find what you have learnt within the modules of the MBA course as a whole.
  • What benefit did you have from previous assignments and summative feedback.
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses – evidence from previous assignments.
  • Ethical Awareness (1.000 words): Include:
  1. Consideration of the business impact on the community in terms of all the stakeholders.
  • Any legislative considerations?
  • Embedded within future plans?
  • Self-Awareness (1.000 words): Include:
  1. Recognition of your skill sets and how they may be used in the future.
  • What have you learnt about yourself – good and weak.
  • Recognition of what you may still need in terms of further development and how you plan to go about this.
  • Any transferable skills?
  • Conclusion (400 words): Include:
  1. A summary of what you have learnt about yourself and through the process of the module.
  • Any key learning points or skills.
  • How reflective practice could be improved for you.
  1. References.

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