Legal Pluralism in the Context of Islamic Marriage in England: Nikah and Polygamy.

UK English
double spaced times new roman
Write an essay that will outline the findings of your research project. The research project should be based on your research proposal. The essay should:
Address the overarching Essay Title stipulated above.
Address the research questions identified in your research proposal (subject to feedback on Assignment 1))
Conduct (socio-)legal analysis outlined in the research proposal (subject to feedback on Assignment 1)
Use research methods outlined in the research proposal (as above).
Word count: 4,000 words including notes (not including bibliography)
Weighting: 75% of the final course grade.
OSCOLA REFERENCING–this is very important because it pulled my grade down in this module to a 2:2
This paper builds on my research proposal attached below. Please take into consideration her feedback and divide between case studies equally plus read lectures and powerpoints before writing. it has to be directly related to the course material as well as a lot of further research.
The paper HAS to keep tying back to this essay question:
…Law is whatever people identify and treat through their social practices as “law”’
(Tamanaha, 2000: 314).
Using any case study, methodology or subject area of your choosing, critically discuss the ways in which an understanding of the legal systems of the world and of the relationships and connections between them help us to better understand the content, meaning, developmeniqut, and operation of law.

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