Comparative Political Institutions

The countries chosen in any question must not include: United States or United Kingdom, at least one must be
from the non Western world and the institution relevant for the question must be present in all three countries.
Question – Comparatively analyse the impact of social movements on institutional change in three countries
– Define: social movements
– Define: institutional change
– Comparison at one point in time or across time?
Structure for Essay:
– Introduction (300-350)
What is the question, why is it important, what will be done?
– Literature Review (1200-1250)
Define the dependent variable and main independent variables, what does the theory say we should expect to
find – keep focus on theory
– Case selection (300-350)
Why the three countries you have chosen, what can we learn from them?
– Analysis (1200-1250)
Present the facts, Do we find what the theory say we should find?
– Conclusion (300-350)
Answer the question presented in the introduction
Please make sure you:
– Answer the question
– Use academic literature mostly – how much literature you ask?
– Support your empirics by sources, again best with academic sources, if you cannot find any, then other material
might be needed
– Writing, referencing and bibliography are all correct
Here are some good sources:
1 – Repression and Revolutionary Action: East Germany in 1989
2 – Identity Politics and Politicized Identities: Identity Processes and the Dynamics of Protest
3 – From Social to Political Identity: A Critical Examination of Social Identity Theory
4 – Power in Movement : Social Movements and Contentious Politics
Please note that you do not have to use these sources. Also use sources relevant to the countries you chose. It is
essential to only use academic source and I would prefer only English written sources as I would like to read the
sources you will use. Please let me know what countries you are going to use and message me if you have any
further questions.

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