Brain Structures and Functions

For this assignment, you are tasked with completing a 6-8-page paper that addresses the major structures of the
brain and the influence these have on cognition and learning. By completing this assignment, you will
demonstrate (a) an understanding of the major brain structures, (b) fluency in the processes that occur within the
brain, leading to the learning of specific behaviors, and (c) the connections of the relationships required between
major brain structures and cognitive functions to facilitate the learning process.
In completing the assignment, include the following, ensuring details are provided to fully elucidate the concepts
Select 2-3 learning experiences, describing, in detail, how each experience generally occurs.
Examples of learning experiences one might consider are learning to ride a bike, learning a new language,
learning to bake a cake, to name a few.
In describing each learning experience, identify at least 4 specific brain structures or functions that contribute to
or impede the selected learning processes.
For each identified function or structure, describe and define the structure of the brain and purpose, with detail.
Include a diagram, a process model, or provide another visual representation of the brain structures and
functions depicting accurate examples of the structural changes that might occur or steps in the process of the
learning tasks selected.
As a major purpose of the work is to demonstrate an understanding of the brain structures related to learning
processes, close your work with a succinct summary of the major aspects of the topic from the learning
experiences you selected.
Share your conclusions as a result of completing this project; how is the knowledge you have gained useful to
the field of cognitive psychology, the larger field of psychology, and society overall?
Include a minimum 6 to 7 pages, not including APA formatted required title and reference pages; submit APA
style in-text citations throughout the work as well.
The basic parts of a paper should also be included; these are the opening, introduction section, with a precise
thesis statement, the body of the paper with clear, discernable headings formatted to APA style levels of heading
where appropriate, and a conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes the major points of the entire paper.

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