Property Management & Property Sales

Part of your strategy to secure the listing with the owners (Hamish and Lisa) is to provide accurate and relevant
information about the market to your clients, to build trust, and ensure a correctly-priced listing. Using the
following market research results, you are required to:
1. Read the details about the 6 properties recently sold in the area and compare these to Hamish and Lisa’s
property. Select the three most comparable property sales that you will use to show Hamish and Lisa what the
market is paying for properties like theirs. Add these three choices to the columns of your CMA.
2. Based on your three choices, show the indicated sale range on the CMA, from lowest to highest.
3. The client has asked you to list the property to the nearest hundred thousand.
The most recent sales in the area are as follows:
33 Queen Street, BOURKES BAY. A four bedroom house, located 500 metres away. A very similar property.
Lounge, dining, family room, pool. Dishwasher, air-conditioned, large outdoor living space. Sold a month ago for
$880,000 after being on the market for 2 weeks.
14 Haywood Street, BOURKES HILL. Four bedroom house, located 6klms away. Lounge, dining, family room.
Dishwasher, air-conditioned throughout, large outdoor living space, pool. Sold a month ago for $900,000 after
being on the market for two weeks.
28 Nottingham Lane, BOURKES BAY. A four bedroom house, located just across the road. A very similar property.
Lounge, dining, family room. Dishwasher, air-conditioned, large outdoor living space, pool. Sold a week ago for
$810,000 but it was a family sale (property owner sold to their own family member).
25 Drury Lane, BOURKES BAY. Four bedroom house, located 1klm away. Three bathrooms, pool, spa, security
system. A newer property by comparison. Sold two months ago for $895,000 after being on the market for three
2 Edward Street, BOURKES BAY. Four bedroom house, located 1.5klm away. Large living areas, with a smaller
outdoor area. Sold two weeks ago for $870,000 after being on the market for 3 weeks.
3/45 Olga Avenue, BOURKES BAY. Two bedroom unit. Two allocated car spaces. Secure building, with pool, spa
and a gym. Great views. Sold one month ago for $630,000 after being on the market for 4 weeks
Click here ( to download a CMA to ll out. Upload the
completed CMA using the button below.
Task 2
Save Progress
02/01/2021 REIQ… 2/5
A seller has decided to sell by auction. The reserve price is of course not to be revealed to buyers, so the
property will be marketed without a price. The client has instructed you to advertise the property on and When loading the advertisement onto these sites you are required to
enter a price range even though it will not be visible in the advertisement. Your client has instructed you to use
the price range of $450,000 to $480,000. Now show the appropriate method of completing part 4 section 3 of the
Form 6 for this appointment. Refer to Annexure N for assistance (Section provided below.)
Click here ( to download a part of appointment for
auction to ll out. Upload this document using the button below.
Task 3
You have been successful in obtaining a listing and have signed the relevant paperwork with the property owner.
You intend to keep the seller fully informed on the progress throughout the sale of their property. Write an email
to the client, letting them know what steps/actions you have taken within the rst 24 hours of listing the
property. Provide the wording of your email below.
Task 4
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02/01/2021 REIQ… 3/5
You work for REIQ Realty as a salesperson in the city of Regatta. You are in the oce with a prospective buyer at
8.30am on Monday morning 09/07/2020. You had not met her before today, but you have been asking qualifying
questions. So far you know the following;
1. She is buying a property only in her name.
2. Her name is Akira Nakama. Her mobile is 0400 123 123 and her email is She prefers
to be contacted in the afternoons or evenings.
3. She runs her own business in the city and would like to live in the inner city suburb of Regatta which falls
within a 3klm radius of the city.
4. Originally from Japan, she is an Australian citizen and has been renting for a few years since moving here
from Sydney, just until she established her business. She is on a periodic tenancy agreement so is able to move
only she nds the perfect unit to buy.
5. Her ‘must-haves’ are that the unit must come with a car space, and two bedrooms, with lots of wardrobe
space. A balcony is a must – the larger the better.
6. She works long hours, and travels for work quite regularly. When she has down time she does like to have
friends over for dinner. She would love to have views, open plan living, as well as the big balcony. She prefers
modern styling
7. She denitely doesn’t want ground or lower oors because she’d rather be above trac noise, plus it makes
her feel safer to be above the third oor.
8. She is concerned about body corporate fees, and hopes they won’t exceed $1300 per quarter.
9. She has spoken to her bank and has been advised she can borrow up to $700,000. She says she has an
additional $70,000 to put towards the property.
10.She did attend an open house two weeks ago for one of REIQ Realty’s listings at 39/45 Concorde Place,
Regatta. She was with a friend and her friend registered his details, not Akira. She felt that the unit lacked living
space and lacked options for balcony entertaining.
You maintain a computerised database of prospective buyers so that you can stay in touch with them and notify
of any new listings that come up that may also match their requirements. Enter the details you know so far in to
the following database screen to complete a buyer record for Akira Nakama
Click here ( to download a buyer enquiry record to ll
out. Upload this document using the button below.
Task 5
Follows on from Task 4
You want to assist Akira to nd properties that match her requirements, and to help her decide which properties
to view. REIQ Realty currently has three units for sale in Regatta. You will nd the relevant listing information for
these units in Annexure 1 in Module 2 Learning guide. These must be referred to in order to enable you to answer
the following question.
Your task;
1. Identify one listing that REIQ Realty currently has that you believe Akira should view, and the information you
think is most relevant about that property.
2. Decide what promotional resources will you show Akira to help her decide to view the property?
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02/01/2021 REIQ… 4/5
Task 6
Follows on from Task 5
Akira would like to view the selected property with you as soon as it can be arranged. To organise the
appointment with the tenant, complete the following RTA Form 9 Entry notice showing the minimum permitted
notice if the notice is hand delivered to the tenant’s letterbox on 09/07/2018 slightly before 10am. Refer to
Annexure Q for a completed example.
Click here ( to download a blank RTA Form 9 to complete. Upload this document using the
button below.
Task 7
Follows on from Task 6
At the inspection Akira makes some measurements of the wardrobes, makes positive comments about the living
areas, and spends a lot of time looking at the view and seems in no hurry to leave. Make some brief diary notes
about the inspection and communication, so you can keep record of what you will tell the seller in your next

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