Method in Neuroscience

Assessment Brief: Methods in Neuroscience, USPKJN-15-3, 2020-2021
Critical evaluation of Zimmer, Keppel, Poglitsch and Ischebebeck 2015. ERP evidence for spatial attention being directed away from disgusting locations. Psychophysiology, 52, pp 1317-1327
The assessment criteria for this assessment are ‘1500 word critical evaluation of an EEG paper’. The 1500 words do not include the citations or references used, nor any title headings or figures/tables included.
Structure of the review:
It should be in essay format, with an introduction, content (the critical evaluation), a conclusion or conclusions and references.
Content should include a definition of key terms and an outline of the experimental design utilised within the evaluated research and the importance of these in understanding and answering the research question being evaluated.
The online lecture and seminar on 9th December covered exact detail of how to undertake a critical evaluation, and how to identify crucial content. Recordings of these sessions are posted on Blackboard for students to review and use when undertaking this assessment.
There will be one further teaching and learning session on the coursework assessment on 20th January 2021 for further development of your ideas and questions and answers session.
The best answers will include a complete and concise outline of the research question being asked, located accurately within the research background, a good summary of the methods used and findings reported. Evaluation of the question, methods, results and conclusions / implications will be rooted in an understanding of the theoretical model or models being tested. The ‘style’ will be formal and academic, using evidence to support arguments and contentions.
Any tables, graphs or figures used will be correctly and appropriately formatted, and it is expected that the whole will be formatted in the UWE Harvard manner.

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