Heathrow aircraft noise pollution and the measures used to mitigate the impacts on communities and their perceptions

The aim of this research is to analyse the current and future measures that Heathrow airport
could adopt in order to limit aircraft noise pollution on local communities.
The main objectives include:
1- Define background to noise and regulation.
2- How the impact of the environmental aspects relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
3- Assess the impact of aircraft noise at Heathrow airport and its contemporary noise
reduction measures.
4- Development of new noise reductions measures that Heathrow airport could introduce
to limit its impact on the local communities by conducting online survey.
In this respect, the main research questions examined include;
1- What is the main background and regulations of aircraft noise pollution?
2- What is the relation between the environmental aspect and Maslow’s Hierarchy
of Needs?
3- What effects has aircraft noise on Heathrow airport and what are the current
measures that the airport has implemented to manage noise pollution? 4- What new
measures could Heathrow airport adopt to limit aircraft noise on the surrounding local
This research is been conducted because is important to investigate aircraft noise as it is
one of the main problems that airports face worldwide. Therefore,
exploring new measures to limit aircraft noise pollution is fundamental especially for local
communities as they are the first to be impacted from these issues.
Currently, some of the measures that Heathrow airport has introduced to limit aircraft
noise pollution on the surrounding communities include: incentivising quieter procedures
and the use of quieter aircraft (Heathrow, 2019); a considerable effort for a reduction in
the number of late running departures; an improvement on ventilation facilities at the local
schools, building on from their window. Considering the measures that Heathrow has on
place, this research will investigate if the people living in the surrounding area think that
these measures are enough and if they are successful or not.
This research will carry out to collect primary data. Primary data is termed as the source
of information which the individual collects itself.
The research will be carried using qualitative methods.
The research will be conducting online surveys, and the target participants for this study
will be people living around Heathrow airport, whose are experiencing the issue of aircraft
noise pollution.
The survey will be shared with participants on social media platforms. Both male and
female participants are included from various age groups.

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