Foundations of European Law

– Requires stronger focus on the whole question title.
E.g., although does not require critical analysis, can you include more about the Opinion 2/13 case as
background context.
– More concise and include further critical analysis of points discussed in relation to question – to read more like
a legal essay.
– Bibliography split into sections: cases, articles, books, legislation, etc.
Question: With negotiations now resumed after a period of inactivity, is it still important that the EU accedes to
the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)? If so, why – and if not, why not?
Advice: This expects a clear answer to the basic question to frame your discussion, and there is plenty of
literature on the Accession to ECHR issue, both before and after the Opinion 2/13 case (CJEU Opinion 2/13 on
the draft Agreement for the EU’s Accession to the ECHR). The case itself is important background context but
note the question is not asking specifically for a critical analysis of it.

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