Describe data types also known as variables and how they are used when creating programs

Begin your paper with a short Introduction. Then in a bulleted list, briefly describe the following variable types:
– Integers
– Floating point values
– Boolean Values
– Strings
The body of your paper should address the following:
– Describe variable agreement in Python by studying variables and the concatenation of variables; and explain
the need for variable agreement between multiple variables. For more information you can go to:
String concatenation and formatting. (2019). Python for Beginners. Retrieved from

Python String Concatenation and Formatting

– Then, describe how each of these four types of variables could be used when working within an organization.
– Finish with a short Conclusion summarizing the main points of the paper.
Assignment Expectations
– Use at least 2 other sources found in the library or online to help you better understand why it is important to
make the distinctions around which kind of variable is being used.
-Your assignment is to be 2-3 pages (12-point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, and 1-inch margins) with
a minimum of 700 words (about 2 pages), not including the title page or the reference section.
-You must include in-text citations for any material or information you use from any source inside or outside this
course. The source must be listed on a reference page or bibliography.
-Citations and references should follow APA style. For more information, see the Glenn R. Jones College of
Business APA Style Guide

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