Application of power and influence theory to leadership practises in Apple

Basically the task is divided into two parts!!
1. how does apple handles power and influence ? ->, .41 So therefore you can related to document
“Power_and_influence_theory_part.odt” AND Look for articles indicating which kind of power and influence
APPLE uses to influence theor followers and employees and make them doing the tasks and ebinf committed
and innovative and stuff!
IN THE SECOND PART 4.2 please wirte about bow the individual power and influence tactics in APPLE has
contributed to organisational sustainability!!! organisational sustainability is also defined in
HEADLINES_FOR_YOUR_WRITING.odt! basically by ogansiaotnal sustianabiltiy is meant is that you show
how the influence and power tactics of apple’s leaders helped the organsiaiton to be succesful in long term and to
be competetiv! maybe the expert power or collaboration and consulatation influence tactics of the leaders helped
the employees to be more innovative, creative thinking and commitment to come with new ideas and
contributing to new ideas!!! I HOPE YOU UDNERSTOOD it! if you have questions , pleas write! me
3/4 of your writign should be about apple!!!! good marks will be given to those which have provided much
information about apple’influnce and power tactics and how theey related to theory and how the influence and
power tactics helped Apple to be organsiational sustainable!

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