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When I was ten years old, I fell in love. It was not a typical form of love but a deep emotion that only a few would understand. It was not love for a person but a love for mathematics. Since I was young I have always been a math-science girl. I have got eager anticipation of the formulas and application. I sighed and sulked through other lessons. I think several variables contribute to my success. The most prominent two variables are my fascination and determination.
I really enjoy doing mathematical equations and solve them on a more than one-way basis. Due to my math skills, I decided to create a group in Telegram and share it with the largest number of people who have fun with solving complicated problems in math. I was the founder. After one month, the members of the group increased, and they included teachers and students. They always send challenging math equations, and I am the first to solve them. Although I have not taken any calculus courses in high school, I have solved them because I studied them from online courses as a self-study. The Telegram group members always think that I am a math student at university or a math teacher, but I am not. I am only a student who has a passion for math and has the ability to solve complicated problems and think outside of the box. This talent has been in me since I was young, and I developed it over the years.
In my last year of high school, the math teacher saw me trying to solve difficult math problems about calculus. She asked me how did I learn solving those questions because they were not taught in our curriculum. I told her about my passion in math and solving mathematics is like playing game for me. I have expanded my expertise of mathematics outside the classroom. One example, I have seen recorded lectures given by MIT university for graduate level covering most of topics in mathematics, I enjoyed learning trigonometry, it is my favorite which taught me how to think about problems in a very imaginative manner. My math teacher nominated me to represent the school by participating in the National Olympiad competitions, and she told the school principal that she believes at me and I am the one who should go to the exam and represent the school. However, All math teachers in the school worked together and made the hardest test I have ever seen just for me. The test included Geometry, number theory and some algebra tricks. Fortunately, solving mathematics tricks is my favorite, although I ran out of time that they gave me to solve, I almost got a perfect score. As a result, they decided I am the one who should go to the exam.
Despite all the difficulties I faced, that growing up in a society does not give the women their right. Some women are not allowed to continue their study. They even hit women. They forced them to work at home. Unfortunately, I was not born in the right place, and all people around me think in the same way. I could not forget the words when they told me ” you must stay at home and cooking not studying and go outside because women born for this purpose”. When I hear those words I get stronger, challenger girl ,and no one can stop me from achieving my dreams. However, when the exam day came I went with my teacher. I was strong enough to forget what I faced at home and I focused on the exam. It included advanced mathematics problems, but I was fully prepared for it. I studied very well and I enjoyed studying. Thankfully, I got the first place in math national Olympiad. The vice minister of education came to the school and gave me award. My teachers, the advisors, and my friends all of them were proud of me. And I was proud of myself too.
The love of challenge has been the key motivation for improving my mathematical skills and achieving this versatility in solving complicated problems. I have always hated losing and I believe that, one day I will get to the place where I want to be.

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