How is neoliberalism related to Globalisation

The question should be separated on the impact that neoliberalism has on the three main dimensions of
a) economic: Economic globalization refers to increased flows of capital, goods, and services across
international boundaries.
b) political: This occurs when countries involve themselves in international political arena, such as joining
international organizations, participating in UN missions, and entering into international treaties.
c) social: informal interactions among states through its citizens, such as media, and other forms of information
exchange, including spread of consumer attitudes, ideas, norms and others across borders.
-The overall argument should argue, demonstrate and analyse both neoliberal thought and policies in practice
promote the concept of globalisation, to a large extent, to spread market imperatives into national agendas of
states and societies across the world. To support this thesis, the attention focuses on the impact of the neoliberal
paradigm in three dimensions of globalisation: economic, political and social. In general, this essay must
illustrate neoliberalism close relation to globalisation by unpacking the dynamics involved in the spheres
mentioned above, which are all dependent upon each other.
– Definition of concepts should not be included but how they are related
– Introduction and conclusion NO requested
– Each section (economic, social and political) should contain 300 words approximately
– Most reading material is provided based on readings done by myself, any additional readings could be included
but the ones provided by me must be used.
– All the arguments should be based on the overall hypothesis, it has to include a thorough analysis and
exceptional critical thinking.
– There should be examples to provide evidence about what it is being argued!
– Something to be considered during the argument is the role played by states!! and other actors including labour
unions, individuals and large transnational corporations.
*This could include stastics about global foreign direct investment, particularly in those countries which adopted
neoliberal policies
*Case studies could be also considered as examples.. many of the readings provided include this type of info –
particularly in Latin America.
-The notes provided are for reference in terms of the arguments

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