What is the question you need to answer in your presentation? How US census data has impacted the US immigration. What Programs and Policies reformed immigration.

Step 1 KNOWLEDGE: Identify the argument or the problem that needs to be solved. Questions should be asked to acquire a deep understanding about the problem.
1. What is the question you need to answer in your presentation? How US census data has impacted the US immigration. What Programs and Policies reformed immigration.
2. What are some focused questions you can ask to have a deeper understanding of the topic? Include at least two questions. Is the 2020 census data being collected showing the legibility of immigration. What was President Obamas stance on immigration reform. What is President Trump stance on immigration reform.
Step 2 COMPREHENSION: Understand the situation or issue and the facts aligned with it using the sources you collected and the course material. If needed, locate additional sources that align with your topic.
1. What have you learned about your topic in present-day America so far?
What I have captured is that the 2020 census is not collecting if households have legal citizens documented. President Obama signed Executive Order on immigration reform, a program called DACA. President Trump sued the Government over the execute order pertaining to DACA. President Trump is halted immigration in 2020 due to coronavirus spread concerns.
• What have you learned about your historical issues and the context in which they occurred that can help you better understand that same issue today?
From my previous schooling, immigration has been discussed, however, I can not recall specific events in history where applicable to this topic. From the sources, it is learned that what immigration policies were like previous Presidential Administrations versus now. During the World Wars immigration was impacted for certain ethnic groups.
2. What are some facts or evidence you will use to help inform your presentation to your nonprofit group?
Will provides the change in Census data over the decades based on former President policies. What policies impacted immigration the most.
• What evidence is missing? Where might you find it?
The evidence that is missing for the topic might include doing additional research on where to find immigration policies. These policies might be document in news articles or journals to give context for why policies might have been approved, what the United States was going though at that particular point in time.
Step 3 APPLICATION: Build a linkage between the information and resources. Using the information above, answer the following questions:
1. Are there any links or similarities you see in your sources of information? What are they?
The sources do not share similarities regarding immigration policy and the person impact of the policies.
• Are there any discrepancies? The fact that some of the data references US policy and one provides facts on US census information. It would be hard to correlate that impact of a policy without knowing the rate in which the about immigration occurred during the enacted Policy.
Step 4 ANALYZE: Analyze in order to identify the situation or issue, the strong points, the weak points, and the challenges faced while solving the problem.
1. What are your strong pieces of evidence?
The strong evidence is the US census data for the period of time. Policies that where enacted.
2. What are your weak pieces of evidence?
The facts pertaining to the recollection of the past and presenting it today. The personal testimony of what was witnessed by Lansen
3. What challenges do you have in using this evidence to make an argument about your issue?
The challenges that will be faced is putting the data together that is reflecting of the policies that was enacted. Doing a correlation between dates and the number of immigrants in the US during a period of time.
Step 5 SYNTHESIS: Summarize your argument around the issue or situation, and be sure to include the main ideas that need to be communicated to your group. Make sure you are answering the question you identified in Step 1 of this worksheet.
1. Summarize your argument:
In summary, I will try to provides census data that shows the impact of immigration though US polices. I will show what the policies were and how they were attributed to the new immigrates. I will present data and facts that outlines recent and current President policies.
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