What interest in the land, if any, might Florentine be entitled to?

Florentine owns several houses in Bath Oliver, an area near Hull. Florentine lives at number 23 Bourbon Terrace with her partner Viennese and their two young children. Viennese bought the house in 2012 and is the sole registered owner of it. Florentine moved in with Viennese in 2014 and after a few years of living together, Viennese told Florentine that “what’s mine is yours.” Florentine spends much of her time looking after her property portfolio and with the money she makes she has been able to pay for a new bathroom and kitchen to be installed at 23 Bourbon Terrace. Florentine is concerned that if her relationship with Viennese ends, she will have no control over what happens to her home.
Please address the following issues (we would advise that you use no more than 1800 words on this section). Please explain your reasoning including reference to statutory material and case law where relevant:
a) What interest in the land, if any, might Florentine be entitled to?
b) Assuming she does have a proprietary interest, how would you advise her to protect it against a potential new purchaser of the land?
c) Assuming Florentine does have a proprietary interest, if the relationship did come to an end, would she be able to prevent Viennese from selling the land?

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