Financial Institution Performance and Risk Evaluation

Financial institutions and markets are important components of the economy and as a result the financial
performance of these institutions is vital to the overall health of the economy.
For your final project, you will write a scholarly paper that is a detailed analysis of the financial performance of
a selected financial institution as well as an assessment of the institution’s risk profile. In your completed paper
you should be certain to address the following issues:
Financial Analysis of the Financial Institution: You should complete a 3-year financial analysis of the financial
statement of the institution, including the use of ratios, horizontal and vertical analysis, as well as other
analytical tools that would provide further insight into overall performance.
Off-Balance-Sheet Item Evaluation: Perform a thorough analysis of the off-balance-sheet items that are
disclosed in the institution’s annual report. This analysis should include a risk assessment of all major items as
well as insight into the probability that these items will migrate to the balance sheet.
Regulatory Compliance: Provide insight into the activities that the financial institution has undertaken as a result
of various regulatory reforms that have been instituted since the financial crisis (Dodd-Frank, Basel III, etc.).

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