Security, and women’s participation in politics

The following headings are necessary for a dissertation and everything must be analytical not descriptive!
• Abstract
• Introduction, (background information)
• Literature Review ( must be around 3000 words)
• Theoretical perspectives/ debates; including ontological and epistemological assumptions if possible, most relevant theory would be feminism/ liberal feminism and securitisation etc.
• Methodology
• Strength and weakness of the debates
• Evaluation/ analysis
• Solution and suggestion
Possible discussion points: could be considered if these are part of the debates that you are going to choose, if not change or replace it with relevant key debates
 Is International Organisations has influenced women capabilities/ opportunities in democratic and political involvement in Afghanistan?
 How can the international community best support women’s involvement in the post-conflict reconstruction?
 Despite, all political and financial assistances of international communities in Afghanistan women still struggling to participate in politics and does not feel safe and protected.
 Challenges that Afghan women face in post-conflict reconstruction, (has their living situation and their involvement improved in the society).
 What are the most challenges that prevent women from involving in political participation?

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