Relation between Human Rights and the 16 Sustainable Development Goals and its targets, in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic

Why the SDGs were born, what is their purpose and how they relate to human rights. (Under the premise that
human rights were born after the Second World War and are more theoretical, are the SDGs more measurable?).
– How certain human rights are related to some of the 16 SDGs and its targets, emphasize in those targets. Give
some cases. For example, SDG 5 is related to women’s rights, and so on. Especially influence those
SDGs/human rights related to the weak commitment of the States to develop/protect them and how this lack of
commitment to the SDGs and international treaties and recommendations/judgments of international bodies for
the protection of human rights has impacted on the unequal consequences of the pandemic, especially in groups
in vulnerable situations.
– The brutal impact in terms of deaths and the economy in the States and how this has differentiated impacts on
the population (an indirect discrimination of the effects of COVID-19 is evident).
– Cite cases of Latin American countries, Peru, specifically. Emphasize the principle of non-discrimination and
dignity of the person (human rights) and of leaving no one behind (ODS) along the article.

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