Critical Reflections

Critical Reflections 20%
Students are required to submit a critical reading reflection incorporating all of the readings assigned for that unit, however readings marked with an asterisk are optional. You must provide analysis rather than summary. Reflections must be between 500-600 words, not including references. You are welcome to add additional, relevant outside sources based on your own interests that will help you with your final project. Critical Reading Reflections must include your own perspective on the readings (critique), rather than a summary. Include your own original ideas synthesizing the assigned reading (make sure to cite at least two unit sources for each idea that you come up with). Your critiques should synthesize the assigned readings with one another, to create new ideas. You must use ASA formatting for all in-text citations AND works cited references for this and all written submissions for this course. Be sure to include all of the sources assigned for the unit in your in-text citations and works cited page. You may focus your reflection on two or more readings that particularly spark your interest, but be sure to mention the others in relation to them. Note: You will not lose points if you do not include readings with asterisks, but you are encouraged to do so as their inclusion will strengthen your reflection. You may choose to add additional outside sources to enhance your critical reflections as well. Each of the five unit modules will require a critical reflection of the required reading; however the last reflection is optional. The last optional reflection may be used to revise a previous submission, submit a makeup assignment, or write a Bonus reflection on an approved topic.

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