Case study critical analysis,Business Entrepreneurial Simulation Project

Assessment task details and instructions
You should…
In this report you will research a Business Enterprise, such as a large national or multinational company,
that may be a service, manufacturing, or retail company. E.g. a low-cost airline, a travel company, an
automotive or computer manufacturer. Where company information is readily available on the internet.
You may find it helpful to use an operation that you are familiar with or have experience of using. If you
Assessment Information/Brief
are unsure, please discuss your idea(s) with your seminar tutor who will offer you some guidance on your
choice. In your report should address the following areas:
1. Introduce the reader to an overview of what your report will discuss and give your
opinion what are the key parts of this report and why.
2. State the enterprise basic concept or mission statement, critically analyse how the
enterprise performs again this.
3. Evaluate how this company manages its operations in terms of operations strategy,
staffing and information systems.
4. Consider how the company uses innovation within its processes and/or processes to
differentiate itself for the competition.
5. How has Covid-19 affected the enterprises performance and what new opportunities or
changes to you see for the company post-Covid?
6. Evidence of a logical and well-structured and presented report structure with little or no
grammatical or spelling errors. Also, good, frequent, and consistent use of at least eight
academic references and evinced through the Harvard Bibliographic referencing system.
• Please add CRN, your name and student identity number to the header of each page of your
• Please ensure you put your word count on your title page.
• University lateness and plagiarism rules apply.
Please follow a report format. Therefore, you should have a title page, contents page, sections and sub
sections, page numbers, appendix section etc. Please note if you are uncertain on how to present and
structure a report then please visit the university library and ask for assistance.
Please do use diagrams, illustrations, tables, graphics etc. wherever these are helpful, and remember that
these do not count towards your word limit. If you do use these, please do not put them in the appendices
if they are part of your discussion. Appendices are the appropriate places to put supporting material,
however, remember if the reader is satisfied with the main points of your discussion; the supporting
information within the appendices may not even be reviewed.
Please try to use theory explicitly at all stages, but do not spend too much time describing a theory. While
you must be explicit about the theories, models, techniques etc. that you use, you can assume that the
reader is familiar with them. What the reader requires is evidence of your ability to understand and apply
the theory and learn from to support the develpment of your findings and/or ideas.
You must cite all sources on which you have relied, for example textbooks, journal articles, web pages etc.
using the Harvard Bibliographic referencing system. If you do not cite allsources, then you may be accused
of plagiarism, and that may endanger your success in passing the module. If you are in any doubt about
how to reference your work, please obtain guidance from the library and/or your academic librarian(s) for
this module.
Please refer to the guidance on the following web pages for information about writing essays:
Please review the Assessment Criteria for further details of the mark allocation for each question.

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