Can the concept of fashion/clothing be regarded as a tool of social equalisation between genders and social levels based on the Georg Simmel’s general theory of fashion?

Remember a ‘text’ can be anything that carries meaning and can be ‘read’ by an
audience. Methods used to analyse a text vary according to the type of object, prose,
music, film etc. Your analysis may include questioning/interrogating such as:
o Who is ‘speaking’ in the text? Who is authoring or creating the message?
Is it a person or a group? Or a company?
o Is the author/artist credible? How is their credibility measured?
o Who is the target audience? (age, type etc)
o Are there other audiences involved?
o How is the audience being targeted?
o How does the author/artist aim to connect with the target audience/s?
– through colours?
– through lighting?
– through graphic elements (typography, style etc? define…)
– through imagery?
– through structure?
– through method of delivery? language, word choice, dialogue?
– through sound or music?
– through voice/expression (in song/poetry how does the artist use their voice)
o When was the text created?
o What is the context? (social, cultural, aesthetic, political, historical, global)
o What is the text actually attempting to do?
o Is there a subtext involved?
o Are other cultures/perspectives involved?
o What does the text reveal about its context?
o How is the text used by its audience or user?
o What kind of behaviour does the text encourage?
o Is the text related to other texts? If so, how?
o Is the text trying to show/analyse a previous text in a new/unexpected way?

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