Assessment on Non-Word Repetition for Autistic Preschool Children in Pakistan

Assessment specification
Your task is:
1. To select an assessment or intervention that has given you new insights and that might be applicable and useful for children/young people that you work with.
2. Either
(i) To prepare a presentation for colleagues introducing, explaining and illustrating this assessment/intervention, and making a case for using it in your work setting
(ii) To support this with a review of relevant literature.
(i) To make a case for administering this assessment/intervention with a client or client group, and describe in some detail how you would present this, the possible outcomes, and the implications
(ii) To support this with a review of relevant literature.
(i) Literature Review – 1500 words
This should:
 review theories and research evidence behind the assessment/intervention you present
 explain the relevance to your client/client group/work setting (linking literature review to oral presentation).

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