Advertising in a Post-Digital World

Piece on the ‘post-digital’ future of advertising, in which the off-and online worlds are intimately connected. The
idea refers to an environment for advertising in which digital communication is a foundational condition of
social life in which off-and online- experiences are intertwined.
STRUCTURE: 5 headings (500 words each) citations in each sections, reference list at the end. All sections are
Develop wider discussion on contemporary issues for ongoing areas of development in the ad industry. Possible
themes for each section are listed below: neither prescriptive nor exhaustive. –> Address 2 to 3 topics per
NB role of digital/post-digital runs through all sections
Section 1: Account team organisation and the future of advertising campaign planning
• Potential issues include the flattening of agency hierarchies:
• the continuing relevance of having layers of account management in agency structures:
• client liaison:
• agency control and accountability:
• the account planning function:
• digital planning:
• integration of campaign planning functions (media planning, advertising strategy, creative development,
account planning, client liaison, and the tensions between these functions).
Section 2: Advertising strategy development
• Advertising strategy development:
• approaches to targeting, behavioural/attitudinal/emotional:
• engagement:
• strategic integration of off-and online communications:
• influencers, native advertising and branded content.
Section 3: The creative advertising development process for the digital era
• models of the creative advertising development process and digital creative executions:
• in what ways creativity is/is not relevant to digital advertising:
• human advertising creativity versus AI creativity:
• creative executions and effectiveness:
• digital creativity:
• creativity and consumer engagement.
Section 4: Media planning under media convergence- integrating earned, owned/bought media
• Media planning and virality:
• integrating earned, owned and bought media:
• media fragmentation and targeting:
• changing media consumption patterns:
• changing media business models:
• mobile and data-driven advertising:
• Google and Facebook advertising in relation to media planning.
Section 5: Advertising ethics and regulation for the digital era
• The scope of regulation across off- and online:
• the reach and effectiveness of regulatory codes in a changing media landscape:
• regulating social media advertising:
• regulating Google and Facebook:
• social media advertising and ethics:
• ethics and giving or taking offence at advertising:
• ethics and deceptive advertising.

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