Collecting and analysing social media data

Task 2

Collecting and analysing social media data

You will need to: -Decide and justify which SM platforms you will look at –  JUSTIFY BACK TO YOUR PURPOSE AND YOUR POPUALTION OF INTEREST -Set out how you will collect/observe the data – HOW CAPTURE THE DATA – WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? -Consider any ethical considerations – ANONYMITY – JUST OBSERVING NOT INTERACTING -Set out how you will analyse the data -How big are the data sets involved? -How representative of the population of interest do you feel the analysis will be and discuss how relevant this is to gaining Insight in this way -Analyse the data gathered in a relevant format and in an effective way relating this to Consumer Behaviour theory where relevant – DETAILED ANALYSIS CAN BE IN APPENDICES -Provide 2-3 key Insights from the analysis and discuss how they would impact marketing decisions  -Consider how and why these may be different from those found in task 1 -Aim 100 posts/comments across different platforms –

1000 words

Suggested StructureTask 2
TitleSocial Media
SamplingJustify the Social media plaform based on objective and Population of interest
Data collection methodsHow and what type of data
Ethics Anonymity, and other best practices; observing not interacting
Analysis and FindingsContent/sentiment analysis and relate to theory
InsightsCelebrities/ influencer marketing for clothing brand (Different from Task 1)
ImpactImproved brand awareness

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