Step by Step guide to importing electric bikes from India to UK.

A critical report that lays out the plan to import a full container of a product of your choosing to the United
Kingdom. You should choose a product manufactured or grown in a country outside the European Union and
arrange for its import to the United Kingdom, specifically, to the company in the Humber region.
Thus, you are required to include sections that:
1. Give a brief overview your selected receiving company in the UK (You can select any company of your
choice as long as you justify your selection). (You can get more information about companies in the region from
The Logistics Institute Data Observatory (LIDO) website).
2. ‘‘Critically’’ evaluate the relevant choice of product (ensure that your product matches the company that you
have selected).
3. ‘‘Critically’’ map out an international shipping, logistics, and transportation road map for your selected
4. Use good figures and diagrams to explain the logistical and transportation process (including different modal
5. Evaluate and critically examine the various shipping options available to your product and justify your
selected option based on an in-depth analysis.
6. Undertake good market research and clearly indicate all the risks that should be considered (current and
future) in your International Logistics strategy.
7. Discuss in-depth the physical operations that will be required to import and deliver your container to your
receiving company here in the UK (Humber Region)
8. Give a solid discussion on the documentation requirements (e.g. customs clearance, import policies, etc.) that
will be required to import and deliver your container to your selected company.
9. Critically evaluate the cost implications connected to the designed importation process.
10. Bring the report to a close by giving concluding remarks (show your in-depth knowledge of the International
Trade and Global Logistics process) and relate it to your selected product/company.
Remember to:
1) Reference all your sources using the Harvard system
Please note that you are encouraged to adopt academic journal references to support your arguments. The
sources used in the report must be adequately referenced.

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