Research paper on Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

2000 words, no more than 2500 words or less than 2000 words.
Use only 3 critics and no more or less than the number specified. It needs to have 9 direct critical comments
from the research articles in this essay and another 6 or 8 direct quotations from the play that you have chosen as
you studied the play. Can not have more than 33% of this paper in direct quotations or just summary of
information taken from sources. In other words you will have discussion, analysis, and interpretation of all
quoted and borrowed material.
Must be in MLA style with intext citations and a Works Cited page at the end of the essay.
Can use only literature articles that have the author’s names and page numbers as it needs to be used in the paper.
Use 12 font Times Roman double space and MLA style. Make your margins regular ie. 1 inch.
IMPORTANT Use only literary critics who write about the literature studied. I do not want to see psychology or
sociology or historical articles in your paper as these critics have not studied the literature that we are handing.

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