Up to 3000 words Computing research project with title ,IMPACTS OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY ON
SOCIAL, MENTAL, AND PHYSICAL WELL-BEING,,. Please use one small part of my previous work that
was not approved by my teacher (only Literature Review) and after look to my survey that I did online (21
questions, 42 participants-family, friends and extended friends on messenger), after do Data Analysis of
questionnaire-finding and analysis should be specific to my original research questions, from which conclusions
can be drawn. Please follow the next requirements:
Research aims
research questions (do research questions and objective related to questionnaire that I did online)
research objectives
Methodology(qualitative or quantitative)
Research philosophy
research approach( inductive or deductive)
Research strategy (survey, experiment, interview…)
Gantt cart
time line
Chapter 2-
Literature review (you can copy this to my previous work that I will attach)
Chapter 3
Here download one by one all questions of my questionnaire that you will find attached with the image
a) findings-example 40 was mans , 20 women
40 told yes. 11 no 8 i on’t know
-do this for all questions one by one (21 questions)
b) Data analysis ( examples-it is common or no (these answers), why did they say yes or no?…Analyse each
graphic lines)
c) Summary on all the questions and findings and data analysis related to my original research questions .

ex: For the first1 to 6 questions I have given a normal audience, my family, friends and extended friends about
name, surname, age, gender, occupation and marital status).
After one conclusive sentence about what you find for each group of questions.
7-10……..(it is about use of digital technologies)
11-14….(about mental wellbeing)
15-17…(about social wellbeing)
18-21…(about physical wellbeing)
Chapter 4
Research Limitations
a) technical-unable to purchase a nice software that’s why I used Google Forms
b) non-technical (covid 19, language barrier, time constraint, personal networking group,, lack of knowledge
among the community…) write more of these in a nice sentences in a 10/15 lines!
-cover at least 5 points
-1 page
-start from directing to: I have decided to do my research on…
-My target was to highlight why is the technology important and what is the effects on human life (negative or
To fulfil that aim I have decided…
-you can o back to analysis and bring out key words
-highlight aim/objectives
-strategy, methodology ,research
-philosophy of your work
-If I would have questioned more peoples…
-I preferred this questionnaire should have more questions…
-summarise everything
-something that I don’t did here but I will like to do on the top up year
-Harvard still
-use font size 11 Arial
-double space
-avoid using text box
Please read CV UNIT 13 RESEARCH PROJECT FILE, my previous work and proposal form.
Please take only one part of my previous work that Literature review and see id aims and objectives are ok.
Thank you. If you need to know something please ask me.

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