The Issue of Multiculturalism

Many conservatives have criticized multicultural education? Based on your reading of Ayn Rand on
Multiculturalism and the other three articles, what is your understanding of multicultural education? For
example, D’Souza stated
Besides mocking the ideals of academic merit and equal opportunity, and unfairly penalizing minority groups
who played no part in the historical crimes against blacks, this policy, D’Souza argues, injures the very students
it is meant to help. By admitting minority students who are inadequately prepared to compete academically,
schools like Berkeley are knowingly putting these students at risk. Minority drop-out rates are highest at
universities with ambitious preferential treatment plans. Preferentially admitted students often last just long
enough, D’Souza observes, to be counted in statistics demonstrating the school’s commitment to “diversity.”
Many of these students, of course, would have done quite well at less competitive schools. But selective
universities seem willing to “sacrifice the future happiness of many young blacks and Hispanics to achieve
diversity, proportional representation, and what they consider multicultural progress.”
The thesis of these articles is that multiculturalism or multicultural education is destructive to the process of
education. Bork argued that the civilization established by European is superior to other civilization and
multicultural education, and he demands that the contribution of others to the American civilization should not
be included in the curricula of schools and universities in the nation. How would you address these positions or
arguments? Is it necessary or desirable? Does it enhance the educational process? Read pages 520-522.

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