leading and managing in nursing care

The Commentary Structure
You can remove any headings after writing your commentary to assist with flow of the academic work (if you
1. Introduction (300 words). Start by a short description of what the argument is about using approximately 50
words. Present your introduction and ensure it generally answers these 3 questions:
a. What? The introduction needs to clearly explain what the commentary is about. This section needs to explain
in your own words what is required as stated in the assignment brief given above.
b. How? The second part of the introduction need to outline how the commentary is structured/ presented. You
need to summarise the details given in points 2 and 3 below.
c. Why? An introduction needs to articulate why the topic under consideration is of significance. Here you are
giving a rationale for the topic. Use references to support it.
2. Context (300 words)
Define leadership, management, and teamworking within the context of the NHS and specifically nursing. You
can briefly consider the importance of leadership and managing in nursing and healthcare. It would be
advantageous to explore this in the context of your field of nursing, to demonstrate your knowledge of
contemporary issues in your field. Briefly outline what is already known about leading and managing nursing
care in the UK, what is new, and what is happening now to provide high quality care and ensure patient safety.
This will support you to set the context of your commentary. (Learning Outcome 3)

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