Excavation and concrete estimating

1. Enlarge the footprint by five feet for accuracy and slope, then determine the volume of topsoil to be removed
and stockpiled if the thickness is 9”.
2. If no soil is to be stockpiled and the swell is 10 percent, how many truck loads will it take to cart away from
the site using 7 cy trucks?
A cross section of the 24” wide continuous footing is shown. Assume this footing detail applies to all footings
throughout the building.
3. Determine the total linear feet of footing required.
4. Calculate the cross-sectional area of the footing.
5. Determine the volume of concrete in cubic yards for the footing. Add five percent for waste and round off.
6. Given that the slab is 4” thick, calculate the volume of concrete required for the slab. (Use 8% waste factor.)
7. Given WWF was specified for the reinforcing in the slab, determine how many rolls are required.
Assumptions: 750 sf per roll and add 20% for lap and waste.
8. Using the following labor and material rates, calculate the cost to provide and install the WWF and pour the
concrete slab.
Productivity rate for slab = 0.4 labor hours/cy
Productivity rate for WWF = 1 labor hour/roll
Labor rate for slab and WWF = $14.50/hr

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