Child Development Practitioner Assessment Too

read this article link:
watch this video please:

Step 1
Choose 2 screening tools from Lesson 11 that you would like to learn more about.
Step 2
Conduct your own research into the 2 screening tools you have chosen.
Step 3
Present your research by answering the following questions about each tool:
1. Who is the tool designed to be administered by?
2. What is the tool designed to identify?
3. Where is the tool most likely to be administered?
4. When is it appropriate to administer the tool (i.e. the age of the child)?
5. Why is the tool a good indicator of a possible developmental delay?
The recommended length for this assignment is 500 words. In order to receive full marks for
your responses, you must show direct application of the material covered in Lesson 11.
Step 3
Save your assignment to a memory stick.
Step 4
Submit/upload your completed assignment to Blackboard

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