Why do innovations succeed or fail?

Your task
During the module, we examined below topics of the Innovation Management subject.
1. Typology of Innovations
2. Systems of innovation
3. Market adoption and technology diffusion
4. Managing Intellectual Property
5. New Product Development
6. Market Research and its Influence in New Product Development
7. New Service Innovation – Digital Services & Products / Long Tail
8. Innovation Strategy and Network Alliances
9. Disruptive and Open Innovation
Use in your analysis as many of the topics examined during the lectures and seminars to develop your essay.
Why do innovations succeed? Selection of successful innovations to choose from, essay style answers, 2,500 words, analysis in terms of concepts examined during the semester.
Coursework Assignment
This assignment is worth 100% of the total assessment of the course.
Choose ONE of below innovations and critically evaluate their impact in economies/societies having in mind the contents covered and examined in the module.
1. Cosmic Crisp
2. Goretex
3. COVID Track and Trace app
Research and write an academic essay 2,500 words which:
• very briefly describes the innovation in plain English;
• provides an analysis of the contribution of various factors to the success (and/or failure) considering every applicable topic examined in the lectures (see above list), e.g. the strategy and characteristics of innovating organisation(s), the specific processes and practices from which the innovation emerged, the institutional context of innovation, the cultural or scientific background to the development of the innovation.
• discuss and examine the socio-economic, regulatory and cultural impact of the innovation (two pages maximum).

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